Alihaus aims to guarantee a high-quality, finely crafted product, as well as a high-quality, reliable consumer experience from start to finish.  It strives to offer a service that so many cannot: one that quotes, delivers and installs a superior product on time, as promised.

Aluminium, by its very nature, is hardwearing and long-lasting, therefore it comes with a life expectancy of multiple decades rather than years.  This product is built to last and withstand harsh weather environments, especially in south facing properties, limiting any need for maintenance.  This is particularly true when dark colours are used on south facing walls. Thousands will be saved by eliminating the need for continual painting that wooden windows require.  Similar savings exist in comparison with uPVC as, although uPVC may not need painting, it becomes brittle in time and often breaks down following prolonged periods of expansion and contraction.

Aluminium windows also cut down on energy bills, as they are specifically constructed to be thermally efficient and retain heat during the long, winter months.

In addition to all of these benefits, they are, above all, visually striking.  As aluminium is so much stronger than uPVC, the profile can be much thinner whilst remaining stronger than uPVC giving the look preferred by many architects.  They add aesthetic value to any property, whether you want your house to stand out, or you want your windows to complement the traditional style of your home or business.

Alihaus Modern Windows installed on home in Cardiff


Alihaus design, build and construct aluminium window systems to enhance you home and save you money. We have a wide range of styles to choose from including modern, tradtional and period frames to aesthetically support your home.

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Alihaus Period Windows installed in old home.

Period Windows

Alihaus Period Windows ensure you can have all the benefits of modern windows without loosing your property’s period appearance.

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Alihaus Slide Fold Doors opening rooms of a modern home up to ocean view.


Alihaus sell a huge range of door systems to help open up your home and bring the outside in.

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Alihaus Canopy Structure


We also build many types of outdoor structure helping you to enjoy longer seasons outdoors with shelter from the elements.

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