Sliding Doors

Lightweight and Highly Configurable Sliding Door System

Smart Visoglide Sliding Doors

Our sliding doors can bring together any internal space with any external space by automatically making a room brighter and more open.  What is unique about this system is that you can choose from a range of opening configurations to suit your specific needs.

The system is so lightweight and effortless to use that it can make an impressive addition to any home or business.

The large open panes allow maximum light to enter any room in poor weather conditions whilst retaining the heat inside.  When the weather is more clement, the sliders simply open to allow the warmth and light in from the outside.

Alihaus Sliding Doors
Alihaus Sliding Door cross section
Replace your old sliding door with a modern efficient system from Alihaus.
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Alihaus builds and installs many other types of door.

Alihaus can create any door you require locally at our location in Caerphilly, Wales. We offer a huge selection of sliding, slide fold and front doors to compliment your home.