Glass Rooms

Expand your home with a conservatory

Alihaus Glass Rooms

Alihaus Glass Rooms are stunning wall mounted structures that have an impressive projection of between 3.1m & 6m with up to a 6m span between posts, depending on the system chosen. These glass rooms are extremely versatile and can be used for many applications such as an outside dining area and a socialising area for parties and gatherings, not to mention a quiet, tranquil area to relax.

They are also perfect for use as swimming pool canopies due to the large span between posts it leaves the view of your garden and surrounding areas untouched. The glass sliding doors also enable to you use your swimming pool all year round even in the snow or rain whilst watching the snowfall or hearing the relaxing rainfall whilst you take a dip.

Their impressive aesthetic quality also offers a welcome addition to any home or business, whether it be modern or traditional.
Alihaus modern glass structure on rear of home in garden

Alihaus builds and installs many other types of structures.

Alihaus can create tailored structures to enhance your home adding additional practicality and value. We offer a wide range of modern and traditional glass rooms, verandas to help shade you patio and canopies to protect your cars.